Bare It All - eBook

Bare It All - eBook
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Kieri wanted to take a walk on the wild side and friend Daniela was happy to oblige. Daniela suggested the Bare It All, a club where anything goes. But Kieri hadn't anticipated running into her first love...Grant! Could this be the time and place? And could Grant be the one? What will it take to get Kieri to…Bare It All?



            The music stopped, the gyrating couples walked to the crowded lines around the dance floor. Then, in a moment only a movie director could imagine, the exiting dancers revealed a lone man standing in the center. Kieri gasped in surprise. Grant strolled toward her with the same confident grin she remembered. Her stomach flip-flopped. His blonde hair had darkened to brown over the years. Brown eyes looked at her with affection. 

"Hello, Kieri. Long time no see," he greeted. His sensual voice boosted her pulse.

Her eyes took him in as her gaze roamed over his body. The white oxford shirt hung open revealing a chest of muscles and hair. That is the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen. Tight black jeans hung low on his hips. His transformation to the man that stood before her now, from the boy she dreamed of often over the years and loved with a girl’s heart took her breath away.

"Hello, Grant. You look great."

"So do you." He bent down and kissed her cheek. "Would your grandmother approve of such a display of affection?"

Her insides churned with welled-up desires. "You know, she would have issues with it."

Suddenly, a slow, dramatic, tempo blared from the speakers. "I think they’re playing our song," The smoke dissipated from around them, his hands reached for her. "You still dance?"

Walk away! A voice inside warned. He’ll break your heart again. She pushed the inner voice aside. She and Grant at one time danced together as competition partners for their dance company. "Yes. Every day."

He nodded once, a cocky little nod that moistened her panties again. "Good, shall we?"

She let him lead her to the dance floor. He pulled her close to his naked chest. The hard muscles captivated her. The smells of salty sweat and sweetened spice filled her tummy with a powerful craving to taste him. His bared flesh shuddered under her hand at her touch and his brown hair tickled her arm. She tensed when he wrapped his free arm around her.

"Relax…" he whispered, "let the music guide you in ways you’ve never imagined."

She exhaled, easing the nervousness building inside her as she yielded to the magic of his nearness, and let him direct her in their sultry dance. "Ballroom, ballet, and country dances are one thing, but this kind of dancing is something…different."

"Just think of it as a sexy rumba or Latin number. Think sensual…teasing…belly grinding, belly dancing."

"Latin dances with sexual overtures are done to gain the audience’s attention," she said.

Grant’s hands skimmed her back, her sheer over shirt yielding little barrier to the hot touch of his fingers on her near exposed back. He positioned himself behind her now, swaying his hips against her bottom, rocking her hips into a torturous level of awareness almost too sweet to endure. "Look around, I think we have their attention."

Kieri saw the crowd of people point and whisper while they watched her and Grant sway to the rhythmic music. Goose bumps dotted her skin. They enjoy the number. "Just like old times."

He laughed. "I hope not. This isn’t exactly tame."

She let him bend her forward, his bulging manhood cradled between her legs. When he lifted her up, she thrust her hips forward. "I’ve been watching you since you came into this room," he whispered in her ear. She moaned. "It’s been too long," he added, his hand resting under her breasts. He guided her in a quick step and spun her around in a complete circle. She landed in his grasp, leaning against his back, her legs entwined between his. The heat of his breath tickled her ear.

"I’ve dreamt of dancing with you again for so long now," she confessed softly. His thumb grazed her breast and she almost came in her panties.

"I’ve had the same dreams." He turned her around to face him. "What brings you here tonight?"

She opened her mouth to speak, but the soft touch of his thumb on her earlobe, and his palm on her jaw line almost undid her. Taking a deep breath to fight the urge to hump him on the dance floor, she answered. "Investigating rumors. And you?"

His brown eyes danced with mischief. "I’m here to fulfill a fantasy."

"Oh?" her eyebrow lifted. "What fantasy is that?" she asked in complete rapture of what made this man tick. Her attraction for him grew. While small glimpses of the young man peeped through, the way he danced was a big change. His handsomeness made him better looking than she remembered. The soft gentle light in his eyes awakened her young girl’s fantasies.

"Investigating curious women."

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