A New Beginning - Audio

A New Beginning - Audio
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Link lost his wife, Sarah, and felt his life was over—and for a while, it seemed it was. When friends invite him for dinner he meets Chad, and begins to feel, and live again. Are these decidedly new, and quite different, feelings for real? Is Chad the one? And if so, could it be Link’s chance at A New Beginning?






On the second anniversary of Sarah’s death, Link finally accepted an invitation to one of his friend’s home for a party. He didn’t feel enthused, but he’d ducked out of John and Karen Bradley’s offer so many times he felt ashamed and decided to go. It’s time I come out of this shell and circulate.

He glanced in the mirror, running a brush through his thick dark hair. It looked a little long, rubbing the collar of his shirt, and his deep green eyes didn’t hold the warmth they’d once held.  When I still had Sarah. He dismissed Sarah from his thoughts. There was no sense on dwelling in the past since he couldn’t resurrect it. He decided to enjoy himself tonight. It had been a long dry spell between any social activities for him.

When he drove up to the farm house, situated at the end of a long drive with a backdrop of mountains, Link stepped from the car and took a deep breath. He’d finally come to the decision he needed this tonight. Other than his dog, Sparky, he’d only interacted with clients—and almost become a hermit. He was ready to remedy the situation tonight.

Ringing the doorbell, he waited, hearing the sound of light music coming from the house, competing with sounds of the guests’ laughter. When the door opened, Link expected to see either Karen or Brad, but a tall, muscular, dark haired man grinned out at him.

Link felt something twist in his chest and couldn’t figure out the cause. He’d never been attracted to his own sex before, but something about the guy had his guts knotting. The sensations traveling swiftly through him were totally foreign and he couldn’t begin to explain them.

A look of what he thought was interest filled the bright blue eyes staring out at him. Am I imaging things, or did I really see the look? Link didn’t miss how the stranger did a once over of his own tall, muscled frame. He stood looking at the stranger and couldn’t push any words past his lips. He felt frozen. 

“You must be Link,” the husky voice traveled to where he stood on the steps floating on the minute breeze sweeping across the yard. “Come on in and join the fun.” When Link hesitated, speechless, the man smiled again. “Come on in, I don’t bite. You okay? You have a strange look on your face.”



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