The Christmas Gift - Audio

The Christmas Gift - Audio
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Kelly was damaged goods, both from the auto accident, and fiancé Derek’s reaction to her injuries. Would Derek want her, and if he didn’t, who would? It would be up to Dr. Mitchell Scott to deliver the ultimate, in The Christmas Gift.


Kelly awoke from her coma to the sound of Christmas songs. She couldn’t remember what happened, or why she was in the hospital. After asking, the nurse told her she’d been involved in an accident three weeks ago. Slowly, the recollections of the last few weeks started filtering through her head.
Thinking about her life before the accident, she remembered she’d worked as a court stenographer. Now, she wondered if she could return to work for her employer after such a lengthy absence.
She visualized the horrifying accident in her mind, but what bothered her more was the bandage stretched across the left side of her face, it made her wonder how badly her face was damaged. She asked for a mirror when she awoke, but the nurses put her off, telling her she needed to concentrate on getting her strength back. A few days passed before Kelly felt alert enough to sit up in bed.
When a nurse entered the room, Kelly decided the time was right to ask a few more questions. "Has my fiancé come to the hospital to visit me?"
A strange expression danced across the nurse’s face and she hesitated. Intuition told Kelly that something was wrong. When she tried making eye contact with the nurse, the woman wouldn’t look at her.
"I’m not certain." The nurse busied herself with the IV pole above Kelly’s head. "I was assigned this floor a week ago."
An uncomfortable silence fell between them. Kelly could tell she no longer wanted to talk about anything personal, so she changed the subject. "What’s my doctor’s name? Can I talk to him?"
"Dr. Mitchell Scott." The nurse smiled, "He’s been on your case since the accident. You may want to ask him about your fiancé."
After checking Kelly’s vitals, the nurse picked up her equipment and walked from the room. Kelly was alone again with her puzzling thoughts. She still couldn’t figure out why Derek wasn’t there, but she was too tired and confused to make phone calls to find out.
The following day Kelly decided to try to contact Derek. After dialing his home phone, a maid answered telling her that Derek had taken a trip and was out of the country. Kelly couldn’t figure out why he had abandoned her since the accident. Maybe he doesn’t love me? Maybe he never loved me?

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