Home for Christmas - Audio

Home for Christmas - Audio
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When Matt invites his Navy buddy, Zack, to spend the holidays he can’t predict the fireworks between his sister Mallory and Zack. A raging snowstorm and two lonely souls turn up the heat when a stranger comes Home for Christmas.






Zack was so lost in thought he didn’t hear Mallory come up behind him. “It’s really coming down now,” she said.

“Yeah,” he said wistfully.

“I love when it snows. It’s perfect for staying home, sitting by a warm fire, reading a good romance novel,” Mallory sighed.

“If it keeps snowing like this, we could be snowed in. I was planning on going out to get something for Matt and everyone for Christmas.” Zack shrugged, “Not sure what, but I feel like I should get them something.”

“Don’t worry about it. You being here is enough. We’ve heard so much about you over the years, you’re like one of the clan already.”

Zack went back to the couch and sat down; soon Mallory joined him giving him a brief glimpse of her creamy thigh when her robe parted. He stared a few moments before turning his head toward the fire.

After spying Mallory’s thighs, Zack was no longer thinking about his ex. Man, she’s my best friend’s sister. I really can’t go there.  All was quiet between the two and finally Mallory rose and left the room. Zack had been so intent on watching the flames and keeping his mind out of the gutter, he hadn’t realized she’d left him sitting all alone.



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