Angel In Blue - Audio

Angel In Blue - Audio
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Fireman Mack Baird was fearless – about going into a burning building. A relationship, a special kind of relationship, was something else altogether. He knew what he wanted, but was unsure about how and who. Policeman Isaiah "Ike" Madison would turn out to be who and he’d also show him the how. The action is hot, and it’s not simply burning buildings that are turning up the heat.






He felt a moist tongue licking long strokes across his thighs and traveling to the front of his body. If this is a dream, I hope it doesn’t stop.

Dream or no dream, Mack had to find out what was going on beneath the thin cover. He looked down and slowly opened his eyes. The sight of Ike lying next to his muscular thigh excited him and made his heart race.

"When did you get here?" Mack’s voice was heavy from sleep. "Although, I can say this is a nice way to wake up."

"I thought you’d like it," Ike grinned, moving closer to Mack.  "So, ready for lesson number two?"

Mack’s eyes grew wide, "Which is?"

"Restraint," Ike lifted his hand to display the handcuffs, "and trust."

            Mack eyed the handcuffs and smiled, "I’m going to be your prisoner tonight."


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