My Cowboys - Audio

My Cowboys - Audio
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Callie Jackson left New York, buying a ranch in Colorado and searching for a new muse for her writing career. Ranch hands Aiden and Jacob were more than enough to fire her fantasies and imagination, but would she act on those fantasies. It’s a sexual free-for-all, and rustlers in My Cowboys.





Leaving the polluted city behind didn’t bother her. The fresh mountain views she now enjoyed, the clean smell in the air and the scented pines were something she hadn’t found in New York. The hustle and bustle of the city had become too much for Callie. Ranch life was all she’d known before moving to the city to make her mark; and it didn’t take her long to miss the easy lifestyle and come to the decision to return to her roots. "And now I’m back," she again spoke her thoughts, wondering what anyone would think if they wandered along and heard her. Yes, now she was back and the uncluttered lifestyle permitted her to write more poignantly than she’d ever done in New York.

After purchasing cattle, she hired Aiden McCallister, a handsome thirty-something cowhand to help her run the ranch. From the start, Callie found herself drawn to Aiden, but he didn’t show any signs of returning her interest.

She left him in charge of rounding up a crew to take care of things around the ranch. He, in turn, hired several cowhands; one in particular catching Callie’s eye. Jacob Neeson was a handsome brute to look at with his muscular shoulders tapering to a narrow waist. His dark brooding looks made her wonder what he was thinking, not that he’d probably tell her his private thoughts. Besides Aiden, Jacob was on her man candy want list. Both men made her quiver with awareness and she wondered at her fickleness. She’d never wanted two men at the same time in her entire life.

Yet all it would take was a come-hither look from either man and she’d jump into bed with them without giving it a second thought. A threesome always intrigued her, and if given the chance, she decided she would yield to her sexual fantasy with two dreamboats. But there’s no way I’d ever approach them with such an erotic proposition.

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