Angel's Delight - eBook

Angel's Delight - eBook
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In a new town, at a new job, Angel Jamison was waiting for Mister Right, but if he didn’t come soon, she might settle for Mr. ‘Right Now.’ Could one of her bosses, Scott or Steve, be ‘Mr. Right?’ Or could it be both of them? A wild night in the desert allows this cactus flower to come to full bloom. And the consequences…?


Angel dabbed at her lips with her napkin and let it fall to her lap. "I’m stuffed. That was excellent, but I think my original plans of going out and meeting folks is off the table. I don’t think I can do that tonight, sorry guys. I’m ready to go Steve, any time you are."

Scott tipped his beer and drained the last dregs from the bottle before placing it on the turquoise-colored coaster. "You can’t leave yet, we haven’t had dessert!"

"Scott, I can’t eat another bite, honest."

"Tell you what, let’s just relax a while and see where we go from here. Who knows maybe that night of fun isn’t off the table just yet?"

Scott and Steve cleared the table while Angel relaxed in the living room, the flickering candles casting a warm glow to the rough-hewn beams in the roof. Angel leaned back on the sofa and closed her eyes. I’m going to have to work out for two hours tomorrow to burn off this dinner, but it was so good. She relaxed even more when she felt the sofa cushion next to her shift. Slowly opening her eyes, she saw Scott lean back and close his eyes too. She closed her eyes and shifted slightly to rest her head on his shoulder. "This is nice."

Scott leaned in, brought his mouth down on hers and kissed her - slowly at first and then with more insistence as his tongue sought hers. Angel opened up eagerly to the kiss, wrapping her arms around his neck. Her hands felt the muscles in his shoulders, as her fingers weaved through the dark thick hair that cascaded down his neck. As the kiss ended they stared at each other.

"Scott," she brushed a strand of hair from her face, "I’m not sure this is such a good idea?"

He took her face in his hands, held her tenderly, "I think it’s a great idea. I’ve wanted to do this all night." He kissed her again, pulling her closer, feeling her breasts press against his chest.

"Hey you two, I hate being left out." Steve took a seat on the other side of Angel, reached over, pushed his brother out of the way and pulled Angel into his arms. She came willingly, enfolding into him as he kissed her.

Angel shuddered when she broke the second kiss. "That was - uh - interesting, but I repeat, this is not a good idea. We all work together and mixing this type of pleasure with those you work with can only lead to complications. I don’t want to cause any problems in the office and I sure don’t want to lose my job over this."

"Who said anything about losing your job?" Scott said. "If you don’t want to continue we understand, and we’ll abide by your decision."

"Angel," Steve gently took her hand. "We both want to be with you."

She blinked, closed her eyes hard, and opened them again. "Both of you? At the same time?"

Steve nodded. "That would be okay, or one at a time moving clockwise."

"What?" She shook her head, trying to organize her thoughts, assess the situation. "Is this – some weird – desert – Indian thing? I’ve never considered that as an option. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve thought about the concept, but never considered I’d be in a position to make it happen. But - you both own the company I work for. If this goes wrong I’m screwed, both figuratively and literally. I’m not sure there’s a win in this for me."

"Angel, Steve’s right; we both want to be with you and we’d like to do it at the same time, but if you don’t really want to - we understand. This will not, and I repeat, this will not impact your job with our firm."

"Are you telling me you’ve done this before with other employees?" She was startled by what she was hearing.

"No, never!" Scott’s cheeks slightly reddened, "Doesn’t mean we haven’t considered it, but it’s never happened before."

"What happens - theoretically," Angel asked, "if I fall in love with one of you. How would that work?"

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