Double Your Pleasure - Audio

Double Your Pleasure - Audio
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The night her car broke down and she wandered lost in the woods was something Jenny Logan would have liked to have forgotten. Instead, she forgot who she was - a fall in the forest and she awakes in a cabin, but not alone. Two handsome strangers tend to her in ways she couldn’t have imagined. When Jenny’s memory returns, the men in her life are gone, but not forgotten. Will she see them again? And when she does, will she experience that night of lust again? This is an audio CD version, narrated by Greg Causey.






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She took her time in studying everything about them. They stood well over six feet with muscular builds that made her breathless. Dark eyes, chiseled features, and shoulder length dark hair made up the two handsome hunks. The thought that the twins were invading her space didn’t bother her. She could only stare, open-mouthed at the handsome male specimens. These men sent vibrations through her without really trying; their overpowering presence was enough to excite her.

                Her gaze zeroed in on both sets of full lips. She silently wondered what they would feel like if they possessed her mouth in a long kiss. A yearning filled her to experience their possession, yet she couldn’t explain her reaction.

                She noticed both men glancing toward the bed. One man moved closer to her side. For the longest time, he studied her face before eventually speaking. “Who are you?” he asked as he placed his hand on her forehead to check her temperature. The other man was a silent observer.

                “I can’t remember,” she murmured, yielding to the feel of his gentle caress. “I lost my memory when I hit my head.”

                “We found you lying in the woods,” he said in a husky tone, sending another wanton feeling racing through her.

                “Thank you,” she murmured, staring into his dark eyes and feeling mesmerized by his intent stare. She tried looking away, but the effort was too great. 

                As they continued to study each other, his next action surprised her. He leaned over her and the towel swept forward revealing his cock beneath the terry cloth barrier. It was huge,  although blood hadn’t yet engorged it with excitement, but still, the size had her fantasizing about what it would look like fully aroused. This also made her wonder about the silent man, watching, waiting. She couldn’t stop thinking about how the hard sheath would feel wedged tightly in her pussy.

                She glanced up at him and noticed how he watched her face as she inspected his cock. She saw a movement to her right; the other twin had removed his clothing. A frown covered her face, what…what’s happening? Thoughts kept crowding her mind, who was she and why did she find such an interest in the two stranger’s bodies? Not knowing anything about her past life, she wondered if she was a promiscuous person, I’m here…with two men, and… There wasn’t any way she could find out, so she leaned back to enjoy the scenery. What’s the harm in that? She smiled. The men were walking dreams and a strange desire took her. 



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