Elf at Play - eBook

Elf at Play - eBook
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Evelyn Louise Freeman, Elf to her friends, was at a crossroads. Her parents were recently deceased and Elf had fulfilled neither of their desires. Her mother had wanted her to find a husband and her father envisioned her as a career woman. With the holidays approaching, Elf journeys to Washington DC, hoping that a new environment will be what she needs to make it all right. A dashing Frenchman turns her life around and the holiday takes on a new meaning when there is an Elf at Play.


Resume in hand, taking a couple deep breaths, Evelyn knocked on the door of Pere Noel’s suite. When the door opened her jaw hit the floor. The man before her was gorgeous. His buttoned-down suit managed to make his perfectly buff body look even buffer. And his thick black hair put her imagination on overdrive, sparking images of her—naked—beneath him. Where the hell did that come from? Elf took a deep breath, trying to get her sexual fantasies under control. If she did this right she’d have a job. If she kept thinking about sex she’d continue to be unemployed. She lowered her eyes watching this attractive male specimen run his long fingers through his hair. She took another deep breath, extending her hand in greeting.

“Good afternoon, Mr. Noel, my name’s Evelyn Freeman.”

“Please, come in and call me Pere.” He led her into the suite, indicating she should take a seat. He took the chair across from her. “Did you bring your resume?”

Pere watched this lovely woman lean forward to hand him her resume. He noticed the dip in her shell, the softness of her breast hinting at what was behind her top. He pretended to read her resume, watching her gaze around his suite. He knew her room mirrored hers, as the rooms were very similar throughout the hotel, which is part of the reason he stayed at the Ritz when in town.

Elf tried to look nonchalant as she took in the scene around her. The furnishings were more elegant than her room, but similar. Of course, he had a separate bedroom, giving the suite the feeling of an apartment versus a hotel room.

“Does the room meet with your approval?”

She placed her hands demurely in her lap. “Sorry, sir, I was just comparing it to my room. They’re very similar and yet different.”

He held her resume up and smiled. “Elf, that’s appropriate for this time of year.”

“Excuse me, it doesn’t say Elf anywhere.”

“Sorry, no it’s your initials; Evelyn Louis Freeman, ‘Elf’.”

“Yes, unfortunately that’s true. And also unfortunately that’s what my friends call me.”

“Why…unfortunately?” He rubbed his fingers across his chin.

“Is this my interview?” Elf wanted desperately to change the subject.

“Not exactly, this is the small talk to put you at ease before the interview. Are you at ease Ms Freeman?”

“Not yet but I’m working on it.” With that she took a couple deep breaths and sat up straight. “Okay, I’m ready.”

Pere could only smile. This woman was precious and did not realize how beautiful she actually was. “I see you have an MBA, you’re well acquainted with various Microsoft applications, but you’ve never held a job in which you’ve used these skills, is that correct?”

“Yes, sir it is. I didn’t realize what a strange phenomenon that truly was until I started looking for a job.”

“How’s that?”

“It appears employers feel my MBA is great, but without any practical experience, it’s useless.” With that statement she stood as did Pere. She held out her hand, shaking his, as she retrieved her resume and walked to the door. 

Pere was stunned; he couldn’t believe this young woman was leaving. Nor could he figure out what he’d said to cause her to make such a decisive move. Rushing forward he stopped her, grabbing her arm. “Wait, Ms Freeman, I was merely asking a question. Your lack of experience doesn’t concern me. In fact we can actually help each other here. Please come back and sit down. Let’s discuss my offer?”

Elf was stunned by his comment. He was actually intending to offer her a job. “As you wish, but are you sure?” She didn’t move from the spot.

“Yes, I’m sure, please Ms Freeman.” He gestured with his hand she should take her seat.

The corners of her mouth eased up slightly in a soft smile. “If you’re truly intending to offer me a job, call me Elf, please.” With that, the sexy young woman walked past him, handing him her resume, as she took her seat, crossing her legs at the knees. 

Pere couldn’t believe he’d stopped her. As he took his seat he shook his head in wonderment. She was beautiful and sexy with her leg swinging slightly, a nervous reaction for sure. She had no demonstrable skills, and yet he couldn’t let her walk away. He was intimately aware of his physical reaction to her, but the breath of fresh air that entered the room when she did couldn’t be ignored. What was the counsel his dad had repeated continually since he was old enough to know what sex was? Don’t let the wrong head make your choices for you. The good news in this case was his dad wasn’t here to watch him do exactly that.

Placing the resume on the table, he leaned slightly forward. “Ms Freeman, sorry—Elf, this is how I see the situation. I’m in desperate need of an administrative assistant who can keep my appointments and me straight, who can complete sales, and who, in a short time, can meet with potential customers.”

“And you think I can do that—why?” She couldn’t believe he truly wanted to hire her. What did he see in her resume others had failed to recognize?

“Because you have a fire in you; you are, how do you Americans say, busting at your seam to prove yourself.”


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