3-Way Weekend - eBook

3-Way Weekend - eBook
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It’s supposed to be a ‘girls-get-away-weekend’ but weather problems leave Jana left alone in a Denver hotel. What’s a girl to do but make the best of the situation? Fortunately, identical twins Tim and Tom come to her rescue, and Jana learns about the stamina of youth and her own capacities as a woman.



Once in the lobby she noticed a group heading to the bar and decided it would be the place to start the evening. Jana noted the room was extremely crowded with young business types in suits, many imbibing shot glasses of colored beverages. Oh damn, happy hour, how soon you forget the normal end-of-day rush of a business executive. Jana surveyed the environment, young executives in suits, women in well-cut skirted suits and designer heels, and an ambient noise level that guaranteed this would not be a quiet drink. Still, it was a crowd she was familiar with and she made her way through the throng, taking the only seat available at the bar and signaling for the bartender.

“Yes, ma’am what can I get you?”

“A Kahula and cream, double, please.”

“Yes, ma’am, we also have free Jell-O shooters on the table if you want to try them. You can try five different ones before we start charging you.”

“I might do that, but for now just the Kahula and cream.”

“Yes, ma’am, coming right up.”

To her left Jana noticed a clean cut young man, dark hair, chiseled chin, broad shoulders and narrow hips with long legs surrounded by the tightest jeans she’d seen on a man in years. God, he’s got to be six feet, young but very nice packaging. Turning to her right she did a double take; the young man on her right was the spitting image of the man on her left. What the hell? Looking back and forth Jana couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Both men were handsome devils with melting brown eyes, roguish grins that matched their wicked laughter, and thick, wavy hair. The more I see, the better I like.

The bartender approached, smiling at her confusion. “Brothers, right now they’re fighting and that’s why you found a seat between them…something about the height of a woman’s heels.” He shrugged and laughed to himself he placed her drink on the bar and turned to help another customer.

Jana raised her glass in a mock toast to the rest of her weekend and tried to find some solace, if not in the noisy bar, at least in her mind. Thank God, I thought I was seeing double. What a day, and it’s going to be a long lonely night unless I find some company. She felt the vibration of her cell phone, took it from her pocket and read the text message from Craig:!sp! ‘gettin ready to board plane, talk to you soon, enjoy down time’. Asshole! Not I love you, not I miss you. She shoved the cell phone in her purse, took her drink and finished it without taking a breath; slamming the glass down on the bar.!sp!

“Lady, are you okay?” asked the stranger to her left.

“Yes, fine…I just need to…get drunk.”

“Really?” asked the stranger to her right.

Looking from left to right and back she laughed. “You two could drive a woman to drink. Names please?”

“Tim”, said Mr. Left.

“Tom”, said Mr. Right.

“That’s it…Tim…Tom? There has to be more to this story.” Jana’s finger playfully circled the inside of her glass.

“We’re brothers, but right now we’re not talking to each other,” Tim said.

“Cut the shit! He’s right, we’re brothers and we argue about everything. So not talking to each other is usually a good thing for those around us. At least it’s quieter,” Tom smiled. “But back to your original goal, getting drunk? Drinking those girl drinks it’ll take you awhile, but we know a short cut, don’t we Tim?” He winked at his brother.

“Sure we do! Jell-O shooters are the fastest path to achieve success in that venture, and we’re willing to share our individual five shooters with you if the five free ones!sp! aren’t enough. And who do we have the pleasure of sharing our drinks with?”

“Jana.” She brought her finger to her lips, her tongue flicking out to lick up the Kahlua and Cream. “I don’t mean to show my ignorance, but what’s a Jell-O shooter?”

Tim and Tom’s eyes followed her finger to her mouth. Tom opened his mouth to talk, but Tim continued. “A Jell-O shooter, or Jell-O shot, are alcohol and Jell-O mix, roughly two third mix to one third alcohol. They come in any flavor. The colors give you some indication: reds are cherry, strawberry or cranberry, the green one’s lime, the yellow lemon. Different types of alcohol are added like vodka, brandy, tequila. All and all they’re potent drinks. Wanna’ try one?”

“Sure I’m game, a red one.”

Tom placed three red shooters in front of her. “Okay, try one of each and see if you can tell which flavor is which.”

Jana drank the first shot, savoring the flavor for a few seconds before swallowing. She downed the second and third almost as fast. “The first was cranberry…the second cherry, and the third was either strawberry or raspberry…is that right?”

The two men watched her for a few seconds, waiting for the impact of the drinks to hit. “You’re right, the last one was strawberry. What do you think? Did you like them?”

“Actually yes, but I didn’t taste the alcohol. Are you sure there was any?”

“Yea, maybe you have a higher tolerance than most.” Tim carefully watched her. God I hope that’s the case because if not, when they hit, this beautiful woman is going to slide right off that stool onto the floor. Hell I’d better find out where she’s staying so I know where to take her when she passes out. “Jana, where’s your hotel?”

“Here, I’ve got a suite in this hotel, why?”

“Just wanted to make sure we knew where to put you when those drinks hit.”

“I’m fine and quite frankly I don’t feel a thing. Tell you what, I’m hungry, would you two like to join me in the restaurant for a steak and then we can continue with my objective after dinner?”

Two male voices joined as one. “Sure, our pleasure.”

Jana smiled and stepped from the bar stool as Tim and Tom turned, placed her hands at the bend of their elbows and escorted her from the bar.

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