Heather Beck

      Heather Beck was born in Canada. She currently attends university where she studies English and a vast array of other disciplines.

      Heather began writing seriously at the age of sixteen.  Her first book, The Paradise Chronicles was published when she was only nineteen-years-old.  Since then she has written several well-reviewed books. Although university keeps her busy, Heather is adamant about making time for her writing career. What Legends Are Made Of is her first book for Romance Divine LLC.

    Besides writing, Heatherís other passion is the outdoors.  She is an award-winning fisherwoman and a regular hiker. Heather also enjoys swimming and playing badminton and tennis.  

Heather Beckís other works include:

Girl in Crisis

Ten Journeys Through The Unknown

Excursions and Extracurriculars Fable Farm Vol. 2

Echoes of the Strange Fable Farm Vol 1

The Paradise Chronicles

 You can contact the author at her website:


 What Legends Are Made Of - Paperback
What Legends Are Made Of - Paperback
What Legends Are Made Of - ebook
What Legends Are Made Of - ebook

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