A Heavenly Christmas

Marc Jarrod


Carrie Summers was not having a happy Christmas, or a happy life. It was her own fault; she was making her life and her husbandís life miserable. She didnít realize it, but she was heading for a divorce. Before she ran into the divorce however, she ran into the truck. An encounter with Jon, her reviewer, shows Carrie what was, and what could be. What happens when someone gets a second chance, can Ďdo-oversí really happen? Can Carrie find it in herself to make it A Heavenly Christmas?


            "Whatís todayís date, darling?" Carrie removed her hand from his cheek and stroked the back of his head as she would a kitten.

"Itís December 22. Three days before Christmas. Are you all right Carrie?" He gazed down at her shirt. "My God, look at you, youíre soaking wet. Are you sure youíre not sick?"

Carrie smiled, "Yes, Iím fine, darling."

Ryan pulled her into his arms, "Great. Thatís great to hear." Darling? She called me darling and sweetheart. Somebody pinch me.

Rather than continuing the conversation, Carrie kissed him, driving her tongue into his mouth. Gently she leaned into Ryan pushing him down, never breaking the intensity of their kiss. Her sexual attack shocked him but he yielded easily to her sexual aggression. Carrie pounced on him, pinning him down and devouring him as a hungry tigress assaults an unsuspecting antelope. She began the dance of love with her tongue playfully engaged with Ryanís. He was stunned by her impetuous passion; in the past, heíd asked, cajoled, begged, and even bribed her to make love. In fact, they hadnít made love in several months. What in the hell is going on with her?

While Carrie continued to kiss him, Ryan slipped his hands under her t-shirt, moving them up to push up her bra and slowly caress her magnificent breasts. He massaged them, tweaking and pulling her now-hardened nipples.

Carrie was delirious with her bodyís need for Ryanís continued touch. His hands on her breast were the most sensuous, erotic experience she could remember. She broke the kiss only long enough to strip off her shirt and bra and fling them across the room. Carrie resumed her position,her eyes locked on his, her breasts looming before Ryan.  

He realized exactly what Carrie wanted and raised up to take a succulent nipple in his mouth, taking full advantage of her gift. She tilted her head back, closing her eyes and giving in to Ryanís assault on her engorged nipples. Suddenly she pulled back and abruptly moved away from him. Oh no. Here we go again. How could she do this to me? Why is she being such a prick teaser?

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